About Kopano Parish


The congregation came to church services in  numbers but they could not fulfil their dream of being in a church that they  wanted.  Bishop D.P. Rapoo, the Reverend  and the court of the congregation, Mr Motepe, Mr Mogale, Mr Sephothi and the  congregation, wanted to come up with a solution that would help build the church  they wanted.

With Bishop D.P. Rapoo being in charge of the planning of building the church,  we got assistance from Germany and it was in the year 1982 when this planning  commenced.

There were misunderstandings and arguments buy the congregation about the land  on which the church should be built on, they wanted the land that the Roman  Catholic church is currently built on but in the end the church was built.


Now that our plans for building the church were in place, the building  of the church began.  Our friends from  Germany sent a group of people to help build the church but because we knew  that we had to consider where the material of the church building would be  stored, the Mission House was build first in order to stored material in the  Mission House whilst building the church.

Members played a role in the building of the church, they helped lay a brick,  mixing of the cement and bringing water near the building site. The church was  build during the school holidays so most members were present to assist in the  building of the church.  As we know that  working together helps make the job easier, the congregation of  Mabele a Podi was behind on this regard.

Suggested names of what the church would be called were taken to the Diocesan and  the name that would best suit the congregation was chosen as they fully  understood the intentions of the congregation. The name Kopano was chosen for  them because they were united and they initiated the building of the church  themselves.
In short, Mogwase was a place that welcomed people who came from near and far  away places and worked for the government and for Sun International so people  who moved to Mogwase for work and were Lutheran Church members, they had to  meet with Mr Mogale and Mr Motepe and in that manner the congregation grew  bigger.

Rev. Mahopo was the second reverend who came to serve the Kopano congregation  and he was sent to the Central Diocese.