Easy Johannes Simon Modise

Date of Birth : 12/08/1949
Date of Death : 07/10/2019
Date of Funeral : 12/10/2019
Place of Funeral : Mogwase
Time : 06:00/07:00

The will be no memorial service

1 August 2019

Good day ladies & gentlemen.

I have been delegated by our PFPC to give info regarding the rally which will be held on 18/8/2019 at Kopano Parish. 

Your support in cash or in kind will be highly appreciated to assist with buying of prizes to be won:

1st =gas heater

2nd = folding table

3rd = mint blanket (already donated).

Food and all other necessities to make the rally and the day a success.





Announcements 06 November 2018



  1. 11 November – Prayer Men’s League ba na le PML Sunday & Fundraising kwa Kopano


  1. 16 November – 18 November 2018 Churchwide Prayer Men’s League Elective Conference held in Secunda  by  Northeran Diocese


  1. 24 November –  Bomme ba Thapelo fa Kopano  ba  na le Rally e e simololang mo mosong (07h00 ) ka Fun walk  lebelela papetlana e rometsweng. Mme Morago ka 09h30 go simolola Rally e e nang le Motlhatlheledi mme morago go gogwe raffle – fa o ise o reke raffle dira jalo R10 fela – bona Agnes Mosito le Mavis Moagi ( 082 472 5851 le  073 164 4816)


  1. 25 November – Ditlhomamiso tsa Bana mo Kopano


  1. 25 November – Rally ya  Churchwide  le Taelano  le  Bishop Emeritus L.J Selwane kwa Gaborone Stadium Botswana.


  1. 15 December – 16 December ELCSAMO Chruchwide Music Festival hosted by South Eastern Diocese @ Durban University of Technology – Transport from Mogwase to Durban R1130 and  Accomodation R1020 ( R340 x 3 days )  Total  = R2150 . as choristers we asking for your support.




Announcements 11 October 2018

WD Music Festival Summary of results

Confirmation – Borwa 2 (Mmabatho)
Veterans Western – Moretele (Mabopane East)
Veterans African – Tlhabane (Bethlehem)
Solo Sopano – Moretele (Salem)
Solo Bass – Madikwe (Maanoane)
Female Sextet – Borwa 1 (Klerksdorp)
Youth Western – Odi (Polonia)
Youth African – Odi (Bethanie)
Male Section – Tlhabane (Antiogia)
Female Section – Borwa 1 (Klerksdorp)
Brass Band 1st Rendition – Madikwe (Dinokana)
Brass Band 2nd Rendition – Moretele (Akasia)
Section C Western – Borwa 1 (Tigane)
Section C African – Tlhabane (Kroondal)
Section B Western – Moretele (Lorato)
Section B African – Moretele (Lorato)
Section A Western – Tlhabane (Thabang)
Section A African – Moretele (Modisa)

Bishop’s Trophy – Moretele


_Seane sa ELCSA 2018_
1. Borwa II, Mmabatho (69)
2. Madikwe, Maanoane (66)
3. Odi, Bethanie (63)

_Ndililolo Mna_
1. Moretele, Salem (75), Molebogeng Phoshane
2. Odi, Polonia (73), Rose Montoedi
3. Madikwe, Serake (72), Letlhogonolo Tau

_Rolling in Foaming Billows_
1. Madikwe, Maanoane (74), Neo Moiloa
2. Odi, Letlhabile (70), Kabelo Matabane
3. Borwa II, Mmabatho (68), Keabetswe Mosane

1. Borwa I, Klerksdorp (70)
2. Odi, Ga-Rankuwa Central (67)
3. Madikwe, Maanoane (66)

_Thou Remainest_
1. Moretele, Mabopane East (71)
2. Tlhabane, Antiogia (68)
3. Odi, Polonia (64)

_Yehovha I Murisi wa Mina_
1. Tlhabane, Bethlehem (72)
2. Moretele, Lorato (70)
3. Borwa II, Mmabatho (68)

_Loof die Heer_
1. Odi, Polonia (69)
2. Moretele, Modisa (64)
3. Borwa II, Itsoseng Zone 1&2 (61)

_Setshwantsho sa Ditalenta_
1. Odi, Bethanie (68)
2. Borwa II, Mmabatho (66)
3. Madikwe, Lobatla (65)

_Ukuhamba ngo Moya_
1. Tlhabane, Antiogia (74)
2. Odi, Bethanie (69)
3. Moretele, Akasia (66)

_Father in Heaven_
1. Borwa I, Klerksdorp (72)
2. Moretele, Modisa (69)
3. Tlhabane, Antiogia (67)

1. Madikwe, Dinokana (70)
2. Tlhabane, Antiogia (68)
3. Moretele, Akasia (66)

_Letsatsi la Dipalema_
1. Moretele, Akasia (75)
2. Madikwe, Dinokana (69)
3. Tlhabane, Antiogia (67)

_He that shall ensure to the end_
1. Borwa I, Tigane (72)
2. Madikwe, Moshana (69)
3. Odi, Kgalaletso (62)

_Ukushona kwe Langa (Berenice)_
1. Tlhabane, Kroondal (70)
2. Moretele, Salem (65)
3. Borwa I, Tigane (64)

_Rejoice, O Judah & Hallelujah Amen_
1. Moretele, Lorato (76)
2. Tlhabane, Kana (74)
3. Borwa I, Klerksdorp (72)

_Samson le Delila_
1. Moretele, Lorato (78)
2. Borwa I, Klerksdorp (76)
3. Tlhabane, Bethlehem (74)

_Cavalleria Rusticana (Regina Coeli_
1. Tlhabane, Thabang (70)
2. Madikwe, Maanoane (69)
3. Moretele, Akasia (68)

_Mfazi Nank’ Unyana_
1. Moretele, Modisa (74)
2. Madikwe, Maanoane (72)
3. Tlhabane, Thabang (71)

_Circuit that accumulated more marks_
1. Moretele (1223), Dean DT Mogatusi, Chairperson MK Mothoagane
2. Madikwe (1185), Dean ID Tshweu, Chairperson KM Makhutle
3. Odi (1179), Dean KG Molete, Chairperson LV Kganyago

*Please note that, Only Position 1’s are proceeding on Solos and Sextet, Confirmation Section is not proceeding.*
*The rest of other categories, Position 1’s and 2’s are proceeding to the next level*

HOSTS: South Eastern Diocese
VENUE: __________ (Durban)
DATE: 15-16 December 2018
TIME: 10:00 on the 15th Dec

Congratulations and all the best to the proceeding choirs





Announcements 04 October 2018

It is with regret that we announce the death off our congregation’s member.

Mme Dimakatso Hilda Mogatusi of 2103

Unit 5 South Mogwase 0314

Date of Birth : 18 April 1966

Date of Death : 25 September 2018

Funeral : 06 October 2018

Venue Mogwase Parish



announcements May 23 2018


It is with regret that we announce the loss of  our Bishop Emeritus Daniel Ramokoka . Born in 1937, Died on the 21 May 2018 , Memorial Service will be held at  Lutheran Academy in Tlhabane on the 24th May @  14h00. Funeral will be at Phalane on the 26th May 2018.

To view his photo please visit the website’s page under Bishops.

We will keep you posted as the information comes.

SUNDAY 13th MAY 2018


Kwa Kopano parish go ne go tsenetse conference ya Barweetsana ba Sedika sa Tlhabane  go tloga ka di 11 – 13  May 2018.

Barweetsana ba tlhophile komiti ya Sedika ka Saurday 12th May ba  na le Morutimogolo N.E Mogorosi le go dira ditiro tse dingwe tsa letsatsi.

Ka Sontaga Tirelo Modimo e tsene e e tsamaisitsweng ke  Moruti L.M.Molete yo eleng seatla sa Morutimogolo wa Tlhabane ka ntlha ya fa Morutimogolo a ne a tshwerwe ke tiro tse dingwe tsa Sedika. Barweetsana ba abetse phuthegokgolo ya Kopano mpho ya lorato eleng  pitsa ya Size 50litres le R750- 90 e le go lebogela tsholo eo ba e filweng ke phuthego. Phuthego e itumeletse mpho

Moruti Molete mo tirelong Modimo o tshegofaditse le go tsenya komiti ya Barweetsana e ntsha mo tirong.


Dikitsiso tsa Phuthegokgolo

  1. Phuthego e tla abelwa dipegelo mo pitsong ya phuthegokgolo  mo Tirelong Modimo ya di 20 May 2018


Announcements 06 May 2018

Sunday 06 may 2018. (Sunday before Ascention Day


The day started with the unveiling of the Mosito family s daughter Tebogo in Mogwase. Tebogo passed away in January 2007 and buried while her mother was in hospital after a bad car accident on their way back home after dropping her sister Masego at Bethel High school.

After the unveiling which was conducted by Rev L.M..Molete and Rev Klaas Manne who was by then our pastor in Kopano , breakfast was served at Mosito s’ family because the unveiling started very early and it was very cold that morning.

The service started at eight as it was our Holy communion Sunday and two children were baptized by Rev L.M.Molete.

  • The first child was Motheo Molemo Mosito who is Masego Mosito s boy child ( Masego  who was Tebogo  Mosito s little sister.
  • The second Child was Bella Dibetso whose parents are Tiisetso and Tshegofatso Dibetso.
  • The Sermon was done by Rev D.R.Rabaji who was invited by the Mositos family as their Spiritual Father.
  • The blessings of the new Parish Council which was elected on the 29th April was done by Local Pastor Rev L.M.Molete. They are as follows but the other duties delegations like Secretary ,Deputy , Treasurer  and Synod Representative is not yet elected which will be done from them.

Chairperson :   Mr N.A .Monau

Deputy Chairson :  Mr S.Molete

Parish Elders  :  Mr. H.O Maota

Mr . T More

Mr.S. Matloga

Ms. A.K .Magano

Mrs. A .Mosito

Mrs. E.M Kgame Mosito

Ms .A .Nkhumise

Ms. F.Modise

Ms. S.Motlhasedi

Mrs. N.Kgotle ( in her absentia)

  • The Holy Communion led by Rev L.M.Molete and Rev . K.Manne .
  • After Church the Congregants were invited for lunch at the Mosito’s family


Refreshments !!!!!!!!!!!photos will be  posted under Gallery as soon as received.



3 April 2018

Youth held their elective conference on the 31 March 2018 in Kopano Parish.

The newly elected Youth committee is as follows
Chairperson : Thabang More
Dep.Chairper : Tshimologo Sebaeng
Secretary: Kutlwano Mogatusi
Dep. Secretary: Ontiretse Maema
Treasurer :  K. Khupari
Additional Members : Sis K .Botsi
                                       Brother Ikanyeng Kgwakgwa
Mo mantsiboeng ba nnile le Revival gona fa Kopano. Ba laleditse basha go tswa mo diphuthegong tse di latelang :
1) Maile
2) Phalane
3) Mantserre
4) Antiogia
5) Kanana






Announcements 30 December 2017

Go tlaa nna le selalelo se se boitshepo ka Sunday 31 December, Boipobolo 08HRs

Announcements 10 December 2017


IMG-20171210-WA0008 (002)

01 December 2017


  1. a) Sonataga sa di 03 December 2017 go tla nna le ditlhomamiso fa Kopano
  1. b) Re tla nna le Selalelo se se Boitshepo mo letsatsing leo


  1. a) The following weeken on the 09 -10 we will be having our CHurchwide Music Festival which our Diocese will be represented by choirs  from various Circuit from our Tlhabane Circuit will be Antiogia Parish with Mixed Double Quarted , Male Voices and Section A (African & Western pieces)





Announcements 15 November 2017


It is with regret that we announce the passing on of Reverent Kodinyana Motlhajwe.

Moruti Kodinyana Fanuel Mothajwe

IMG-20171112-WA0005 (002)

  • Born 25/12/1952
  • Death 08/11/2017
  • Burial 18/11/2017
  • Service at  Bethanie Lutheran Church
  • Memorial Service at Rankelenyane Lutheran Church on the 16 November 2017 at 16hrs.

Announcements 12 April 2017

Mantswe a a supang

  1. Luka 23 : 34       “ Ntate ba itshwarele gonne ga ba itse seo ba se dirang”
  2. Luka  23 : 42      “ Morena o nkgopole mogang o le mo Paradiseng,   Ke tla nna le wena go tloga kajeko”
  3. Johane 19 : 26   “  Mosadi bona morwa,le wena morwa bo mmago ke yoo”
  4. Mathaio 27  : 46   “Modimo wa me , Modimo wa me o ntlogeletseng”
  5. Johane 19 : 28  “ KE NYORILWE
  6. Johane 19 : 30  “ Go weditswe
  7. Luka 23 : 46 “ Morena ke neela moya wa me mo diatleng tsa gago”


Announcements 10 April 2017


  1. Ka Labone ka 18h30 go tla nna le Tirelo Modimo ya Tlhomamiso ya Selalelo se se Boitshepo, phuthego e tla abelwa selalelo Tirelo Modimo boipobolo bo  tla dirwa mo gare ga Tirelo Modimo.


  1. Re tla nna le tirelo modimo ka Friday ka 08h30 ya kagale re bo ne nna le Tirelo Modimo gape thapama ka 15h00


  1. Re tla nna le Tirelo Modimo ya Tsogo ya Morena ka sontaga e e nang le Selalelo se se Boitshepo boipobolo bo simolola ka 08h00 bakopi ba kopiwa go kopa ka nako.


  1. Rekopa botlhe ba ba ikwadisitseng go ya Namibia ba iponagatse ka madi gonne re palelewa ke go sireletsa marobalo le bese.Go fitlha fa fa palo e renang nayo e ka se fetoge sepalamo e tla nna R1210 -00 mongwe le mongwe a re itekeng


Announcements 01 April 2017

There will be Holy Communion tomorrow (2 April 2017).

Bomme ba thapelo ba tla tsenela circuit conference kwa Maile Rooikraal go tloga ka di 06. -09 April 2017‎.

Announcements 05 March 2017

Matthews Mokopane Nchoe

He was born on 27th September 1934.


He died on the 24th February 2017.

It is with regret to announce the passing on of our veteran at Kopano Parish. Mr Matthews Mokopane Nchoe. He passed on , on the 24th February 2017 after a long illness.

Mr Nchoe was an active member of Senior, Veterans and male choirs.

He was buried on the 4th March 2017. The funeral service was held at Kopano (Lutheran Church) Parish.

Mr Nchoe was a staunch supporter  of PAC and he served  6 years jail sentence in the Robben Island. Members of PAC came in numbers to give him a well deserved send-off.

He is survived by his beloved wife, 3 Daughters and one son, nine grand Children and 9 great grandchildren.

He will be sadly missed but fondly remembered by his immediate family, relatives,friend and the community at large.

The Kopano Parish management, the congregation and the Reverend  Labious Molete wish to convey their sincere condolences to His Widow, his children and relatives.



May his soul rest in peace.

Announcements 14 February 2017

  1. Ka Saturday ba YAL ba tla nna le  workshop mo mosong go tloga ka 08h00 phuthego e laleditswe. Mme ere ka 14h00 ba nne le revival le gona phuthego ya lalediwa.
  2. Barutabana ba Sunday School batla tsenela Circuit Workshop kwa Koster parish ka Saturday   di 18 th Feb  .
  3. Ba ba ratang go tsaya loeto la go ya Namibia for 500yrs celbrations  – madi a a batliwang mo mothong ke R3390 -00  (  R2200  for accommodation  + R1190  for transport ) re kopa baphuthegi go itlhagis ka go ikwala mo ofising.

Announcements 14 February 2017

Thero ka Modulasetilo wa Uoung Adult League rre Maoto.  Moruti o ne a tsenetse Circuit  Meeting le Rre Fred Tshubyane  kwa Kroondal parish.

Dikitsiso di tla latela.


Announcements 14 December 2016

The past Weekend  ELCSAMO  was celebrating Luther Decade 2nd Celebratory Festival in Port  Elizabeth.  Borwa 2 , Madikwe, Moretele and Tlhabane  circuits  represented the Diocese very well. Tlhabane was represented some of our pride members was amongst  the  choir. From mogwase to Port Elizabeth  we used Protours  Bus services  passing through mountains.


Announcements 04 December 2016

It is with regret that we announce the passing on of our former reverend at Kopano Parish. Reverend Levy Nkhumise. He passed on , on the 1st  December 2016. He will be laid to rest on the 10th of December 2016 at his home in  Kgabalatsane next to  Garankua.

We at Kopano Parish, we wish to send our deepest condolences to  his Widow and His Children. We will keep you posted as we receive  more information

A moya wa gagwe o lale kagiso. May his soul rest in peace.


The late Reverend Levy Nkhumise

Born 16 November 1936 Died on 01 December 2016

May his soul rest in Peace

Dikitsiso 22 November 2016

Go tla nna le selalelo se se boitshepo ka 27 November 2016. Boipobolo ke 08:am, Kereke e tsena ka 08:30.

Baphuthegi ba kopiwa go kopa ka nako ko bagoging ba bona.

Announcements 11 November 2016

1.Young adult e laletsa phuthego le mekgatlho fun walk ka. 20 Nov 2016 at R120.00 per person refreshments will be served. Time, departure place and distance will be announced at a later stage.

2.‎Those who want to go to Namibia must submit their names to the office.

3.My circuit my responsibility forms must be returned to the office with or without money.


Announcements 1st November 2016

MONDAY 30 /10/2016 The visitors were with Prayer Women ‘s League .Visited  Temogo Special School in Mogwase , small Industries in Mogwase , to Sun City  then to Mogwase Hospice where they donated presents containing 6 pyjamas and 2 Adults gown .


Today 01/11/2016 they are with Fellowship Kefilwe Tshubyane


Kopano parish e amogetse baeng ba bona mo short service maabane ka di 31 October 2016 ka 18h30.

Baeng ba mo diphuthegong go ya ka ditlhopho tsa bona go galaganngwa le diphuthego tsa Namibia, Phuthegokgolo ya Kopano e golagantswe le ya Paulus//Gowaseb kwa Windhoek Circuit. Baeng ba amogetswe ke Modulasetilo wa Partnership Rre S Molete mme Rre N.A  Monau a ba  thadisetsa ka boripana structure sa phuthegokgolo

Announcements 31st October 2016

Namibian Visitors

Two are now stationed at your parish
You can come today at church to welcome them at 18:30

  1. Since the Tllhabane circuit were hosting 26 visitors from last week Tuesday now six of the visitors will be going home Namibia tonight for urgent reasons at home . 20 is divided to  10 various parishes except for  Antiogia ,Bethlehem and Kroondal  as from yesterday because they have been hosting for the past days.
  2. Kopano parish will be welcoming their visitors today at six (18h00 ) at  Kopano .
20   Visitors shared amongs 10 Parishes in Tlhabane
1.KANA MOSE Bonaventure Gariseb & Jimmy Cloete    
2.KOPANO Isak //Kheibeb &           E. Goamus    
3. KOSTER Jeff Harases &                   Mietjie Frank    
4.MANTSERRE Likius Kamapoha & Pastor Dausas    
5.MAILE Pastor Rooi &                               R .Skrywer    
6.MOGWASE Lino Beukes &                           Meneer Jagger    
7.PHALANE Christy Krohne    
8.RANKELENYANE Pastor Vries &                       Erna Rooi    
9.THABANG Simon Kharuxab & Samuel Omeb    
10.TLASENG Jerome Swartz & Meester Hansen    




Announcements 24 October 2016

Sontaga 23 morago ga Pentekoste Kopano Parish  Moreri Rre SD.R.Segaole , re kopile Mme Adel Kgatlhanye go re direla Awareness ka Cancer ka e le kgwedi ya go gopola balwetse b aba bolailweng ke yona le bao ba phelang ka yona


  1. Phuthego e laleditswe  fa  go tla nna le loeto go ya  Circuit Rallye e tla tshwarwang ka di 30 October 2016 kwa Rustenburg Congregation Kroondal Parish .Mekgatlho ya phuthego e kopiwa go romela baemedi ba bona go ya Rally pele ga Labobedi 26 October 2016.
  2. Mme Naome Molete le barutabana ba Sunday School bat la tsenela  Circuit Sunday School Meeting ka di 05 November kwa Antiogia Parish
  3. Mme Idah Modisane o tla tsenela  ELCSAMO Churchwide  Conference e e tla tshwarwang go tloga ka di 04 – 06  November 2016 kw a Durban.
  4. Ditlhomamiso tsa bana di tla nna ka di 11 December 2016



Announcements 17 October 2016


a) holy communion this coming Sunday.

b) Youth League will be in parish  conference  this coming Saturday 22nd October 2016 and they will  (ba apesa)

c)All congregants are asked to prepare themselves to attend the Circuit Rally that will be held on the 30th October 2016 at Rustenburg Congregation  Kroondal parish. All my  Circuit my responsibility  envelopes to be brought back to the office.


Announcements  29 September 2016

 ELCSAMO Diocesan festival to be held at Ben Marias Hall in Rustenburg on the  02 OCTOBER 2016 from 08h00 till late


Entrance – Choristers   R30

                        Non Choristers  R50

                        Children  R10


Dikitsiso 25 September 2016

Go ne go tshwerwe Moletlo wa thobo/ditebogo gompieno 25 September 2016. Bishop Ramokoka e ne e le ene a fsng sejo sa le tsatsi/thero.

Go tloga Sontaga e e tlang ke go re 0ctober 2016 nako ya kereke e ya go fetoga. E ya go simolola ka 08:30 (Ke gore nako ya Selemo) Boipobolo le bona bo ya go simolola ka 08HRS.


Dikitsiso 19 September 2016

“ baopedi ba choir e kgolwane ya rona fa Kopano e ne e laleditswe Choir Sunday ke baopedi ba Garankua West parish kwa Odi Circuit ka di 18th September 2016. Maikaelelo magolo a dikhwaere go laletsana ke go rotloetsana le go rutana  ka dilo tsa Moopelo . Thero ya letsatsi e diriloe ke Rev Mooketsi Maimane wa Kgabalatsane Parish. Mo moletlong  o o gone go laleditswe dikhwaere ts di mmalwa tse di bonalang moo.


Anouncements/ Dikitsiso  08 September 2016

Synod sa WD se simolotse kajeko kwa Church Centre( Acadermy)  Tlhabane  , Moruti le Rre Tshubyane ba ile teng.

  1. Baopedi ba simolotse go ipaakanyetsa go tsenela ELCSAMO Concert le Gala Dinner e e tla tshwarwang kwa Port Elizabeth ka di  10 & 11 December 2016.  Sepalamo le marobalo ke R2500 – 00 motho a le mongwe.
  2. Dipholo tsa Sonata se se fetileng sa Moletlo wa Difela


Section Position
Timob 5
S/School 8
Veterans African   Position 5
  Western  Position 4
Solo Tenor 4
Youth 3
Male 3
Female  2
Section A African  2

Announcements 5 September 2016

Sunday the 4th was marked for Tlhabane Circuit Music Festival, Kopano was well represented with  9 songs. The Festival was hosted by Phalane Parish at Mankwe TVET College in Mogwase .The Festival started with the service which was conducted  by Rev Radebe. Kopano Parish Choirs got this positions.


section Position
Timob 5
S/School 8
Veterans African   Position 5
  Western  Position 4
Solo Tenor 4
Youth 3
Male 3
Female 2
Section A African  2


Dikitsiso 2 September 2016

  1. Sedika sa Tlhabane se mo moletlong wa Difela ELCSAMO ka sontaga  04 September 2016 ,Kopano Parish e tla emelwa ke dichoir tse di latelang Timob , Sunday School , Solo Tenor Youth, Female Male, Veterans le Snr A. baopedi ba kopiwa go tla go utlwa dithulaganyo tsa go tsamaya kajeko ka 18h30

2. Moletlo wa Thobo wa Kopano Parish otla nna ka di 25 September , mekgatlho, dissector le diblock ba kopiwa go ipaakanya go sa le jaanong.



  1. Go tla nna le Selalelo ka sontaga 28th August 2016 , Boipobolo 08h30 bakopi ba kopiwa go kopa ka nako.
  2. Moletlo wa difela wa Sedika sa Tlhabane o tshwarwa ka di 04 September 2016 kwa Mogwase FET College baphuthegi ba kopiwa go etleetsa dichoir tsa phuthego.
  3. Moletlo wa tebogo/Thobo wa phuthegokgolo o tla tshwarwa ka di 25 September 2016 , baphuthegi ka diblock , mekgatlho le dissector ba kopiwa go ikopanya le ba ba  ba eteletseng pele  go o ipaakanyetsa e sale jaanong.
  4. Bagolo ba bana ba Tlhomamiso ba 2016 ba kopiwa go etela dibuka tsa phuthego go ipaakanya pele ga ditlhomamiso.



Phalane Parish is a part of Tlhabane Circuit in the Western Diocese, and where Emiritus Bishop D.Ramokoka comes from. Our current moruti is Moruti J.Radebe, who the congregation refer to him as Rraditoro because all that he has been dreaming of since arriving at Phalane is to see the construction of the house of baruti. With the assistance of the congregation and children of Phalane who have moved away from home due to work, it was built. Emiritus Bishop Ramokoka also being home home has played a huge role in that happening. The house was opened on the 24 July 2016 by the presiding Bishop M.M.Ditlhale and baruti that were around him. Morutimogolo N.E  Mogorosi , Moruti J.Radebe,Moruti M.Lekwape and Moruti J.Ubane where there but the other baruti of the Sedika were not there


Borre le Bomme ba Thapelo le baphuthegi ba ba ka ikwadisang go fitlha Laboraro ba tla tsenela Pulo semmuso ya ntlo ya baruti ( Parsonage ) kwa Phalane Parish ka sontaga 24 July 2016

Go tla nna le selalelo se se boitshepo ka sontaga sa 31 July 2016 baphuthegi ba kopiwa go kopa ka nako gore re seka ra rulaganyetsa lefela ka re itse gore Moruti o mo leave.

Pitso ya Sedika ya Barutabana ba Sunday School e e neng e rulaganyeditswe go tshwarwa fa Kopano ka di 16 July e sutiseditswe go di 23 July 2016 gona kwa Kopano.


Selalelo sa July 2016

  1. Moruti is on leave from 05 July  –  02 August ka moo selalelo sa kgwedi eno se tla abiwa ka di 31/07/2016 a baphuthegi ba kopek a nako ko bagoging.


Sunday 10th July

  1. Moruti is on leave from 05 July  –  02 August
  2. Congregants to take “my Circuit my responsibility envelopes from the elders and contribute as little as from R100
  3. Circuit ELCSAMO Festival will be held in September therefor the committee asked the congregants to enforce in what ever choir they are willing to.
  4. The Circuit Sunday school teachers will held their meeting at Kopano on Saturday 16 July 2016
  5. Mrs L.N Kgaladi and  M.J.Sekudu will be attending PWL  Diocesan Conference @ Odi Circuit from the 14 July – 17 July 2016


Sunday 19 th June 2016

1) Re amogetse bana ba ba bedi mo phuthegong ka kolobetso e le kolobetso ya boraro ya phuthekgolo ke gore go simolola ngwaga go fitlha June re kolobeditse bana ba le 4.

2) Ka ene e le letsatsi la borre, borre botlhe ba phuthego ba tshegofaditswe ba bo ba lalediwa go ja dijo tsa motshegare kwa ga Mme Eunice Molefe ka ngwana o mongwe o kolobeditsweng e le wa kwa teng.

3) Botlhe ba ba tsetsweng go tloga ka dikgwedi tsa Feb – May ba tshegofaleditswe matsalo ba bo baa lebogela.

4) Maloko tlaleletso ya dikomiti tsa Mekgatlho mengwe jaaka Youth le Young Adult ba tshegofaditswe le go tsenngwa mo tirong.

Tsa beke e e tlang

1) Mo dikitsisong go begilwe fa Rre Monau a ntse a kokotlela sentle morago ga karo le go leboga botlhe baphuthegi ba ba ntseng ba mo tlhola.

2) Go tla nna le Selalelo se se Boitshepo sontaga se se tlang bakopi ba kopiwa go kopa ka nako mo bagoging.

3) Go tla nna le kopano e e kgethegileng le baphuthegi go sekaseka papetlana e e tsitsintsweng ya dikabelo ka sontaga wa di 26th June 2016

4) Go tla nna le Conference ya Sedika ya Young Adult mo mafelong a beke.

5) Ba Christian Fellowship ba tla tsenela Conference ya Diocese kwa Odi Circuit Garankua South Congregation.


Kopano Church Choir Sunday 29th May 2016

As planned in the choir year plan the choir Sunday was held on the 29th May. The theme was “SING UNTO THE LORD ALL YE NATIONS”. The Preacher invited was Rev Lucas Seroka from Soweto Circuit at the Bethesta Parish. The three choirs invited were Lorato (Mabopane) , Bethlehem (Tlhabane) and Methodist Church Choir in Mogwase. The aim for the Choir Sunday is to ask the preacher to come with motivational message as we noticed that the moral of the choristers is going down and to form good relationship between the choirs invited. The was fundraising in that Sunday but is not the important aim of the day.


Go tla nna le thekiso ya tea / soup morago ga Tirelo Modimo sontaga se se tlang sa di 22nd go oketsa letlole la Senior A choir.


Phuthego e itsisiwe gore go tla nna le Choir Sunday ka di 29th May 2016, ba tla nna le baeng. Phuthego e kopiwa go tla go ikutlwela.


Selalelo se se Boitshepo se tla nna ka di 5 June 2016.


Phuthego e tla nna le Moletlo wa Thomo ka di 12 June 2016, phuthego le mekgatlho e kopiwa go ipaakanyetse.


Baphuthegi botlhe ba ba ratang go tsenela 500yrs of Lutherism  in Namibia next year from 10th – 16 May 2017 ba ikwadise nako e sale teng gonne go na le tse di tshwanetseng go dirwa nako e sale teng.


Moruti Mpuru has passed on! He was once the pastor for Kopano Parish! 

His funeral will be Saturday the 7th at Luka Parish Thabangbotlhe Congregation


Silas Molete will be amongst Tlhabane Circuit delegation going to Hannover Nortwest Circuit in Germany from Sunday 08th till 24th Maybe 2016


Go tlebe gona le Selalelo se se boitshepo ka di 24 tsa April 2016. Boipobolo bo tsena ka 08:00am. Baphuthegi ba kopekang ba tla bua le bagog.

The will Holy Communion on the 24th April 2016. Boipobolo will start at 08:00. Members of the congregation who need Holy Communion should contact their respective Bagogi.


The will be Holy Communion on Thursday 24 March 2016 at 18:30 and on Sunday as well. The will be Mantswe a Supileng on Friday afternoon. Friday morning the will be church service at 08:30.

Those that need Holy Communion should please contact Bagogi.



Pitso ya phuthego ka 20/03/2016. Phuthego e kopiwa gonna teng go amogela pegelo tse. Fellowship e tshwara conference ka la 19 March 2016. Ke a leboga robadiwang


Saturday the 5th March 2016. Tlhabane Circuit Church Elders were gathered at Deanery for a Workshop. Kopano Parish was represented by ten elders with three apologies. The theme of the Workshop “Values and Money” facilitated by Rev L.L. Leburu.


Jaaka bomme ba PWL ba tshwanetse go ya Circuit conferences  ka 31 March – 03 April ba tshwanelo pele ke go tsenela Parish conference  pele fa gae. Go ya ka lenaneo la bona e ne e rulahanyeditswe  go tsena lona tsatsi le. Conference e simolotse ke Mogogi S.M Kgaladi ka sefela 265, 1 – 3 a tswelela ka Joshua 1:9 le 2 Timothy 1: 7 moo a supilweng bogatlhamela masisi ga mosadi  ka kakaretso. Moruti Molete a bula conference  semmuso ka  Mark 1 :35 re tlhoka go ipha nako ya go dira tsa Modimo. Moruti a boa gape a fan ka thutano  Jesaya 40 : 1 lebella papetlana.  A  lebogiwa ke Mme Aletta Molefe le go mo anela mpho ya Lorato go tswa mo go bomme.. Report ya ngwaga ya January 2015 – December 2015, e badilwe le go sekasekwa. Bomme ba dirile mokolokotwane wa conference. Conference ya tswelelwa  ka Selalelo se se Boitshepo ka Moruti L.M. Molete.


The project of my circuit my responsibility that was launched at the end of September to raise funds for Circuit Rally has finally come to an end in January 2016. The last envelope 38 was submitted on the first January 2016. Oh! What an experience! The PFPC would like to thank all members of Kopano Parish  who generously gave to make this project a success. All families put their shoulder to the will. Keep it up folks! The PFPC appreciates the efforts of the church elders, chairperson of church leagues and organisations who rallied around, encourage their member to learn the importance of doing charitable activities, folks you have championed a good cause, keep the fire burning.

The same strategy used to raise funds for my circuit my responsibility is at work presently to raise fund for Epiphany. Boy! It’s working! Out of 106 envelope issued to families, 55% have been returned. The PFPC intends to give report on progress of the Three Kings on the 7th February 2016. Families are urged to return their envelopes as early as their convenience. “ Nko ya kgomo mogala tshwara thata e se re go utlwa sebodu wa kgaoga.” James confirms that faith without deeds is dead.


Chairpeson of PFPC at Kopano Parish


Young adults league will have initiation (dikapeso) ceremony on the 15th November 2015. They need your support. Come and see how beautiful it is when people choose to follow and serve in the name of Jesus. See you there!

Members of the parish are invited to attend Gala dinner at Mahikeng on the 21st of November at 18:00. Only 20 free tickets are available for this event. Those who are keen to attend this event will have to organise their own transport and sleeping accommodation, however, the parish will give each individual a free ticket. These tickets are limited. First come first serve. Contact the office of the parish to secure a ticket. Wa lala wa sala. On the 22 November 2015, 50 parishioners will attend Diocesan Rally in Mahikeng. Transport is free. Indicate whether you will accompany those who have decided to go and to experience this event. It happens once! Visit your church elder to enlist your name on the list of those who have already signaled they want to go. The space is limited Hurry!

Confirmation celebration will be held on the 29 November 2015. Holy communion will be served on that day. Come one come all to received the bread and blood of life.


The church choir is organising a trip to Swaziland to attend a music festival at Esibayeni on the 13th of December 2015.

Transport for 28 adults requires R27000 and accommodation of R28000 including breakfast at Hawane resort 80km from Esibayeni. An invitiation is sent to those interested.

Date of Departure : 11 December 2015
Date of Return : 14 December 2015

NB: Accommodation requires R5000 deposit. Should we fail to secure this accommodation, the is no possibility to get another one. Swaziland is fully booked for these days. Pay deposit of R5000 to the organising team : Ida Modisane and Eliphus Tlhapane as soon as possible. Everything for these dates is highly limited.

Thank You.


There will be Holy Communion this coming Sunday the 25th October 2015.


Moruti L.M. Molete, Mr Silas Molete and Mrs I.S. Modisane will be going to Namibia on the 28th October (Partnership) to celebrate the Reformation Sunday on the 1st November with our Circuit Partners in Namibia.


The 18th October 2018 Kopano Lutheran Church choir Sunday.

Every year we celebrate the Sunday called Cantate ( Opelang)  in our church Calendar year.  We usually invite local nearby and choirs preferred choirs from outside Mogwase to come and celebrate with us.

The whole day event is usually characterized by hype of activities. We usually have guest speaker to deliver sermon, keynote address and or a motivate choristers with the aim of  encouraging teambuilding and singing of  Lutheran hymnbook song. Selling of programs, stickers  are but some of the activities done towards fundraising.

 This year was no different as we had invited choirs to enjoy the day with us. Unfortunately four of the choirs requested to come could not honor the invitations due to different commitment eg: holding their Harvest Sundays, Confirmations activities, others citing preparation to undertake trip to attend Church wide Festival in December.  

Ga-Rankua West(zone  7) and our neighboring Church Choir members of  Local Methodist Church accepted our invitation. Last minute arrangements had to be made  for the Guest speaker as the invited Guest declined the invite due to family emergencies. 

 Our spiritual father Rev L.M.Molete had to fill in those shoes as a preacher for the day and really made magnificent job there of


There will be a Choir Sunday on the 18th October 2015, at Kopano Parish. The event will start from 08:30. Kopano will be hosting Garankua Zone 7 parish, and Mogwase Parish. Donations for the catering and refreshments will be highly appreciated.

This is our quest to keep on praising our lord.

All in the name of Jesus Christ.

Blessed Regards

Kopano Choir Management Team


27th September 2015 Kopano Parish will be having Holy Communion, please contact your relevant Mogogi regarding this.


09 August 2015